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A locker sharing service pairing with organizations that greatly serve the homeless. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for individuals in need. 

Grant L Service to those you serve!


L Service believes in providing a service with dimension. One that takes the work of organizations to the next level. 


Those experiencing homelessness deserve a service considerate of their day to day life.

Our goal was to identify pain points for these individuals and pair with organizations who are part of the solution. 

We'd love to learn more about your organization!


Homelessness in the US

  • According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Annual Homeless Assessment Report, as of 2018 there were around 553,000 homeless people in the United States. 

  • Nearly half of foster children in the United States become homeless when they are released from foster care at age 18. 

  • On average there are 443,000 children in foster care in the United States.

  • Most individuals experiencing homelessness tend to carry their personal belongings with them throughout the day.  

  • Many states are doing away with their General Relief Cash Assistance programs.


“It’s a great idea. I hope you can make it happen. 
A lot of us could use this.” 



Our Service 

Considerate | Caring | Easy to Adopt

We've developed a service and software that provides time and space for the homeless to place their things & continue to build their life. 

We manage our lockers, the software, and work

with organizations to make sure we are the ultimate service providers!

Our Lockers

Our lockers are temporary storage spaces.

Depending on your organization's budget we can provide either kiosk-based or traditional lock and key spaces.

With our kiosk-based lockers, there are

No forgotten combinations. No lost keys.

 Our kiosk lockers are secure and easy to use.


Our Team


Octavia Simmons

Founder | Philadelphia Native
​Villanova University

Our Story






   When I was sixteen, I became homeless. Without a home and full of dreams for a better life, I continued with school, took my SAT’s and attended/ graduated from college. During the time I was homeless I had to lug my belongings around without a safe place to place them.  I spun my wheels wondering not only where I would go but what others thought about me lugging around a large backpack and a large duffle bag. I knew I was in disarray but had to be patient for shelter /foster placement. 

   I graduated from college in May 2015 and hopped on a plane headed for Hawaii, June 2015. I wanted to make my life and see what I was made of. Philly although it was my hometown, triggered a lot of painful memories and anxiety for me. I knew that the world was out there and to be honest I wasn’t afraid to find out what it was like. As an English major who also studied History, I found through the text I read that the world was filled with amazing people, places and perspectives.  

   My cheap flight from PA to Hawaii had a 14 hr. layover in San Francisco. I landed at the San Francisco International Airport at 5 AM.  I had one friend (an ex) who was in the Bay Area. She would be there for just a few days. I asked her if I could stay with her during my layover. She allowed it. And showed me around SF and Oakland. I experienced a lot in those first 10 hours. These cities had so many textures, techies, hipsters, the displaced homeless, the OG’s of Oakland. It all amazed me I saw nothing but opportunity and adventure. I would stay there for the next 4 years.


    In that time, I developed an eye for need. I had been service-oriented since young. I grew up with my great grandmother who was 78 years old when I was 10. I was used to helping and doing everything I could, showing love where I could. I went to a service-oriented school for college, Villanova University changed my life to blessings. I chose that school because they were the only school that asked me via admission essay “What I could provide to their community.” This question made me assess my possibilities and natural inclinations to love, give, and bring joy.


   In the Bay, I witnessed the economic disparity and lack of opportunity for those experiencing homelessness while the Tech industry boomed. It was tough but I am also solution oriented. (My IG name used to be Solutions Can Always Be Found) After working in tech a bit, then a nonprofit I thought that there should be a tech solution built to help the homeless of the Bay. Where was the tech-based initiative to better the lives of people who couldn’t afford a home?

   Lockers were the solution. Lockers could allow individuals mobility. The simple resource of being able to place their things down while they had a doctor’s appointment or job interview could be the difference between gaining housing and being homeless for another few months. What if the job required a physical? So, I started to try to make the idea happen. Over the last two years the idea has been thoroughly thought through. Morphed, grown and tested as a tech service for other users. The conclusion has been beautiful. 

   Today L3 Service collaborates with nonprofits and other organizations who greatly serve the homeless.  It’s not too technical but it is genius. I am proud of its journey and future. I am now back in my hometown after years of development. The city of Philadelphia is changing, and I want to offer a solution to those who are displaced and have less because of its change. Here we will pair with the many organizations who offer their service and time to the homeless. Philadelphia will be a model city, showing the rest of the country that being homelessness doesn’t have to be chronic or a determining factor of someone’s quality of life. Everyday we can provide a solution that could aid in the upward mobility of those in need. 

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